Updates on how to reach the hotel by public transport
  • From Malpensa airport

By train: Take Malpensa Express train, get off at Bovisa Terminal. Take bus line 92 for three stops. Get off at Nigra (Piazza Nigra). Walk for 5 minutes until Via Annibale Butti (see map)

By bus: From terminal T1 or T2 take Malpensa Express bus, get off at Central Station (Stazione centrale). Take metro line 3 (yellow) towards Maciachini. Get off at Maciachini (last stop) and walk for 10 minutes  until Via Annibale Butti (see map)

  • From Linate airport

By bus: From the arrivals exit take Linate Express bus. Get off at Central Station (Stazione Centrale). Take metro line 3 (yellow) towards Maciachini. Get off at Maciachini (last stop) and walk for 10 minutes until Via Annibale Butti (see map)

  • From Orio al Serio airport

By bus: From the arrivals exit take the Orio al Serio Express bus. Get off at Central Station (Stazione Centrale) and walk for 10 minutes until Via Annibale Butti (see map)

  • From Central Station

By metro: Take metro line 3 (yellow) towards Machiachini. Get off at Maciachini (last stop) and walk for 10 minutes until Via Annibale Butti (see map)

These info will be posted on the How to get here page

We’ve also updated the page with more information about Milan airports, how to reach the hotel and special services! There was a mistake regarding the shuttle. Our apologies. We’ll updates soon with correct info.

Anonymous asked: I have a question! Do we have to stay at the hotel to take part at the convention? (Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never been to a con before.) The thing is, I have some ex-roomates and a uncle living in Milano so I could find a place to sleep for a night or two, but I'm not sure if we have to book a room to partecipate. (writing this in English but I suppose at least one of the mods is Italian? Hello, me too.)

It’s a good question actually!

No, you don’t have to. The hotel offers a 10% discount on your booking if you are a con’s guest, but obviously you don’t have to stay there. We want to offer people cheaper alternatives, such as B&Bs. We cannot book for you, but we’ll give you all the help you need to find an alternative accommodation that suits your needs.

All the info will be posted in the next few days, don’t worry!

In your case, it would be a waste of money not to take advantage of your situation!

And I’m the italian one, hello :D

biancaicaras asked: Hi! Quick question: I know you've posted not to book the hotel yet, but what about flights? Or are you putting packagedeals with the room-reservations together? If not, I'll book my flight somewhere next week (since it's still cheap-ish right now ;) ). Thanks in advance for reading (and hopefully answering) my question!

Hello! Thank you for the question!

The only reason we advise not to book anything now it’s because we haven’t confirmed the event yet, because, technically, we haven’t reached the goal yet. We’ll make it at 99%, but if that 1% goes wrong we can’t, in any way, refund you the journey. Then, if you want to book the flight anyway, that’s up to you.

I know it’s not the best situation, but hopefully we’ll be able to confirm the event in about a week or anyway by the end of the month.

Regarding the room, you’ll get a 10% discount if you book and pay via us in advance, and for that we’ll let you know asap as well!

Now that you know that, if you have any special requests or needs please let us know. I’ll work super fast during the next days trying to work out all the budget, I promise!! :)

What’s the programme? Games and panels ideas

Hey! Have you noticed? The event is getting near, and so is the funding goal!

It’s time we share with you our ideas for the convention, and it’s also your turn to suggest us what you’d like to see/do/discuss!

  • The traveling lemon

We can’t not include this brilliant game, right? Find the lemons hidden at the hotel and win a prize!

  • Beat the manual

How well do you know Cabin Pressure? Beat the manual script and win prizes!!

  • Yellow car

Are you focused enough? Can you see the tiny yellow car that keep appearing and disappearing during the day? Spot it the most to win!

  • The Limerick Box

What’s inside that mysterious box? You can handle it, shake it, smell it, but you cannot open it! Write your guess down and be sure it’s right to win what’s inside! Unlike Arthur, you don’t have 20 questions

  • Board games

A selection of board games especially designed on a Cabin Pressure theme

  • Raffle

Another chance to win great prizes!

  • Charades

You’ll be given a Cabin Pressure episode to mimic. The others will have to guess the name of that episode.

  • Merchandise and gadgets

There will be stands and tables to find anything fan-made you might want: Cabin Pressure stuff…. and more!!

  • Interview with John Finnemore, autographs and pictures


  • And then interviews with Cabin Pressure artists, writers, bloggers, and quizzes, and fizz buzz, and podcasts…….

Hello guys! We’ve updated the Info page and the FAQ page with news about the tickets, funding and how to reach the venue via plane or train.

We’re super happy to help you if you have any more questions or if you want to discuss anything :)

letsrevitup asked: Hi ^^ Any chance of me being able to host a CP quiz, maybe with small prizes, at the con? Also will you be posting info on ticket sales soon? Thank you =)

Hi there!! Of course you can, it would be very appreaciated :) we’re thinking about potential games, activities and panels but we’ve been waiting before posting too much stuff as we’re still working out the costs. But we’re doing very well! Also I was overwhelmed by uni stuff, and now I finally have some spare time to dedicate to the project fully.

The reason why we are waiting to post ticket prices is just because we want to have them as cheap as possible, but before deciding a price, we have to be sure about our budget.

However, we would be very happy to discuss your ideas more in depth :) you can send un an email any time! You too guys! Let’s tell us about what you’d like to see, discuss and do at the convention!

jamarabee asked: Why on earth Milan???


  1. It’s cheap
  2. At least one of the team members lives near and has contacts and can easily get in touch with/go on the location personally
  3. It’s central in Europe and therefore allows more people to come
  4. It has 3 airports that will allow people to come from almost any place in Europe (and further)
  5. For once, a great even doesn’t happen just the UK
  6. Did I say that it’s cheap?

The decision was made after long consultations, phonecalls and price comparisons.

We are doing our best to organise this event and make it as amazing as possible, though this is the first Cabin Pressure convention ever, together with AirdotCon that’s happening in the US (who had the original idea), so we can’t be sure on the number of participants nor funds.

If this is a success, we’ll be very happy to move the convention to a maybe more popular and expesive location in Europe next year.

I hope this is a sufficient answer :) If you have any more questions, we’re here to help

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, this is going to sound extremely selfish, and it it, but I'm desperate. My family wants to go on vacation in August, with return scheduled for the 25th. Would it be possible to move the con after the originally planned dates? I've been waiting for it to happen for more than a year now, and I really want to come, but I don't want to deprive them of a vacation because of it...

Oh gosh… I’m seriously sorry, but unfortunately the venue has been booked on those days.. The con will be running for two days, the 24th and the 25th. Maybe that will give you the chance to come on the first day! If you cannot, hopefully there will be another one next year, and we’ll be waiting for you :)

Anonymous asked: Hello. May I ask whether slash will be part of the con or welcomed there? Just checking :) Thank you!

We haven’t discussed a policy yet but what I can say for now is: the Con will be a neutral space to celebrate Cabin Pressure and its fandom. So, we, as organisers, won’t plan any demonstration of slash that is not blatantly canon. On the contrary if you, as a fan, want, say, to come with a friend and cosplay a slash couple, or to go around talking about how much you love slash in CP, of course you’ll be welcomed!

Freedom of speech and expression!

Venue booked!

Hello dear fliers! We’ve got great news!

Thanks to donations and the hard work of many artists, we were able to pay the deposit for the venue. It means that the hall is ours *claps hands*

I take advantage of this announcement to share with you, once more, the website of the hotel that will host our convention >click<

If you have any questions about the location, please feel free to ask! I personally visited it last summer, and have been speaking to the staff for quite a long time, so I’ll be happy to answer any queries.

NB: Please, do not try to book any rooms until further notice. Despite everything, the convention has not been definitely confirmed yet. Furthermore, by booking via us you’ll have a 10% discounts on the hotel’s rooms. A team will help you and offer you support for booking at the hotel or any other venues that suit you, starting from next spring.

We’ll keep you updated!

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