A few tickets on sale at the Con!

We are now able to confirm you that something around 20 tickets will be purchasable at the convention, without pre-ordering them, for the same price: €18 Saturday or Sunday, €30 Weekend

stardustsherlock asked: How many people do you think will attend the con? P.s. you're doing a great job with the con and i'm sooooo looking forward to it! :D

Thank you very much, my dear! :)

I think there will be around 60-70 people in total, most of them on Saturday


Good news!

After some excited chattering between the Euro Airdot Con and the Alpha Romeo Tango manager, we’ve decided that we’d like to give it one last shot at a reprint of our collaborative Cabin Pressure Artbook!

Ideally, we’d the EAC team would love to be able to offer copies of the book in Milan for the con, as both prizes and for general sale. However, the success of this reprint depends entirely on how much interest we get: in short, we have a minimum amount that would make a reprint financially viable, and it is because of this that there is a very small possibility that the reprint won’t be able to go ahead. In this case, we can promise that anyone who pre-orders a book will get 100% of their money back via Paypal, as we don’t part with any money until we order copies of the book.

In order to help us reach our goal quicker, we’re also offering two new Arthur Shappey stickers with pre-orders, donated by evaholderart!

Please help us by spreading the word, or by pre-ordering a copy here.

Small changes in the programme

Wow! So many panels and fun games! The scedule was getting a bit crowded, so we had to shift something in order to make room for everything!

Please, note that all John Finnemore’s panels will now start from 1.30pm and end at 3.30pm on both days!

We’ve also added two more panels. Check the blog during the next few days to learn more about each panel and guests!

Anonymous asked: Hello! We arrive by bus at "Milan, Autostazione-C4-Milano Lampugnano,Via Giulio Natta". Is there an easy way to get to the hotel from there? Or should we call a taxi? If so, do you know the phone number of a good taxi company? Thank you!

Hi! I’d suggest to keep the taxi always as the last option, for economic reason.

To reach the hotel you could go by metro, or using both metro and bus, following these directions

Via metro only

  • Go to metro station Lampugnano, take line M1 (red), direction Sesto I Maggio
  • Get off after 2 stops, at Lotto
  • Take metro line M5 (purple), direction Bignami
  • Get off after 8 stops, at Zara
  • Take metro line M3 (yellow), direction Comasina
  • Get off at the first station, Maciachini
  • Walk for 10 minutes using this map

Metro + bus

  • Go to metro station Lampugnano, take line M1 (red), direction Sesto I Maggio
  • Get off after 2 stops, at Lotto
  • Take bus line 90 (timetable here, italian only, ask if you need help, service every 12 minutes)
  • Get off after 8 stops, at Piazzale Nigra
  • Walk 5 minutes (see map)
  • Read the whole route here (scroll down)

For both you’ll need the regular urban ticket for €1,50. You can buy this ticket at ticket machines at the metro stations. This ticket can be used on this route, regardless of the transport you choose. Remember to validate the ticket when you get on the bus. There will be a little machine near the bus entrance. It will last 90 minutes, altough you can only use it to enter the metro once.

More info about tickets here

How can I reach the hotel from Malpensa airport?

We’ve just published further info with our recommendations



Do you have a question for John Finnemore? Here’s your chance to ask him!

Send in your question with your name and country and it might be asked at EuroAirdotCon!

Closes Tuesday 29th of July 2014

I can’t promise all questions get to be asked.

If you’re attending the con, you get the opportunity to ask questions yourself after the interview.

A transcript of the interview will be available afterwards.

Tickets for the con are available here.

Keep sending them in!

Come and meet artist Thenizu at EuroAirdotCon 2014


Alice (Thenizu), 25, a very, very cautious optimist. Grown up among adults who left her play with markers in a corner, has soon realised that a true passion is what makes you overcome the adversities. Thanks to the markers, drawing has become her passion. Mostly self-taught, has always preferred digital drawing, but she also loves spending hours over ridiculously small details made with a biro. She’s just now experimenting with watercolours.

She loves fanart and collaborated to a sketchbook, and she was in the Sherlock successful Artbook I’ll Burn the ART Out of You. Her drawings have been also noticed by a few publishers.

If you want to meet her and see her breath-taking art, come and visit her table at EuroAirdotCon 2014! Take also a look to her DeviartArt account.

Credits for the picture belong to Thenizu

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, what about the photoshoot with John Finnemore? Have I to pay for it?

Our intention is to make you have a digital and a printed version of the photo for free. Then you can have up to one extra printed photo, for which you’ll have to pay €2.

However, right in these days we’re facing what might be a very big expenditure for music copyright, so I’ll only be able to confirm you this info as soon as we get over the music thing, and we know how much budget is left. Regardless of what you might have to pay, you will always, in any case, have a digital copy of the photo for free, and the photoshoot itself will be free as well.

Sorry about that! I hope this is enough for now!

You wouldn’t believe the prizes we’re collecting for you guys!

A ton of fandom t-shirts, postcards, posters, charms, marvellously hand-bound notebooks. I WANT THEM ALL! We’ll post some pictures soon so you can try to decide which one you would like more…if you can!

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